Announcing a New Product Video Book

Announcing a new product using a Video Book

A video book is the perfect way to introduce a new product. We can even custom diecut a section inside the video book and insert a sample of your new product. If the product is to big we can also insert a small material sample of the new product or a promotional item like a keychain.

Imagine a company would like to announce their new compressor. We design the following solution. The video book is a hard cover horizontal design. The outside Features four-color process artwork and their brand. The material is a soft touch with a matt laminated finish with spot varnish over the product.  When they open the book the design is a trifold. The inside left has a pocket holding specific marketing material and specification sheets. The middle section has the video screen with several buttons. The right side has a printed catalog featuring 10 pages describing the company’s history and profile and success.

Under the video screen are several buttons

On/Off, Vol +, Vol -, Rewind, Play/Pause, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. The user presses the power button located under the video screen. The video begins to play. When the video is done the user presses the other video buttons to play the additional featured product videos. Keep in mind we can add up to 15 different video buttons!

This video book can also be packaged in a bubble bag and inserted in a four color process printed two piece gift box with custom fitted foam.