7″ Video Book

/7" Video Book

Motion Sensor Video Book in a Wood Frame

This product was developed to be used as a point of purchase display in the wine section of a grocery store. The motion sensor on the front senses movement and then turns the video on. Once the video is on it will play the entire movie. Once there is no movement for 40 seconds the [...]

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BP Award and Plaque Presentation Case with Video Book

This BP Award Presentation Case with Video Book was a real hit to the award recipients. BP presented an plaque by sending it encased within a full color printed Book with video. This layout provided an opportunity to display an award in an impressive way while also building brand loyalty and prestige. Outer Dimensions: 8 [...]

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Video Book with Pullout Tabs

A Video Book with pull out tabs is a layout that enables the display of, for example, different stages of a procedure, different departments in a company or different approaches to a solution. The printing would be designed around the client's specific needs and objectives. Add an internal pocket for [...]

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