Automobile Industry Video Books by PremiumVIDEO™

There are two areas where the Video Book is perfect for in the auto industry.

– The First Level:
Purchased by the manufacturer and ship globally to educate the dealerships on the new line coming in. This is no better way to get across the excitement and education and key selling points to a sales team then through a Video Book. The sound and vibrant video are captivating. Combine these features with the ability to add upto 15 chapter buttons and you can create a powerful tool to pump up and educate your team.

-The Second Level:
The dealership orders a minimum of 200 video books featuring the dealership contact information. There is a pocket on the inside cover to hold a personal note. The Video Books get handed to the top salespeople to mail out to their top clients. The salesperson writes a hand note “Chris, the new line is in, come in and test drive it this week I know you’ll love the blue one!” The customer receives the Video Book and is captivated by the technology and sound and heads in for their test drive!