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The product is only as good as the package it ships in. This is why we take extra care when it comes to protecting your order. Video Book Packaging and Shipping is possibly the most important stage of this product.

Once you receive your order you may want to dropship them in kits, hand them out at an event or ship them in an envelope. We recommend shipping the Video Books in individual shipper boxes. We do not recommend you ship the Video Books in paper or padded envelopes. The Video Books will need more protection during shipping. As an option we can supply individual shipper boxes for your order.

Video Books USB Plug
The charging cords are wrapped with a wire and individually polybagged. The cords are shipped bulk separately from the Video Books.
Video Books Bubble Bagged
After going through six stations of quality control each Video Book is carefully placed inside a static free bubble bag.
Video Books Packaging
Once the Video Book is inside the bubble bag it is placed inside a padded box with the perfect amount of space in-between units.
Video Books Master Carton
Once the Video Books are snug inside, the box is then taped with reinforced corners and straps.

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