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Video Book Manufacturers. When your video book foundation is as strong as ours,
the results are incomparable.

We Guarantee Every Video Book

As the leading Video Book Manufacturers we created an unmatched quality control process. Third party, 600%, overseas quality control, on every video book! This means there are 6 stations to building a video book. At every station we inspect each component for quality and craftsmanship, before it is aloud to move onto the next step. This ensures when the order arrives to our LA or NJ facility, every video book has gone through an incredible quality control process.

Even though our quality control (QC) overseas is incomparable we again QC in the states 100%! When the video books arrive we take each video book out of the bubble bag, open it up, turn it on, check for battery life, sound quality and video quality. If the battery has a low charge we charge it. Our extensive QC is done on every single video book. No matter the size of the order.

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Video Book Manufacturers

• Every part is brand new. Nothing is refurbished or used. This is extremely important with this category of product. It is imperative that all parts of this product are brand new, and grade A. Any refurbished parts will greatly increase the chance of this failing in your customers hands.

• If your video book has a diecut section where you would like to insert a sample product, gift, pen, keychain, we can insert it at no charge! This also includes inserting a PI or printed material inside a pocket that is inside the video book. If you choose a product to be inserted, you can choose from our extensive stock of promotional items!

• Our production can reach between 7,000 to 8,000 units daily.
• Over 200,000 square feet dedicated to our Video line
• Over 50,000 screens in stock daily
• Static free floors throughout the facility

Our Foundation

• Manufacturer, importer and supplier since 1943.
• 2016 Worldwide sales exceeded $350,000,000.
• Our own offices throughout Asia, Europe, North America and South America.
• No debt, no mortgage & no rent.
• $20,000,000 Inventory on hand, ready for delivery.
• 100% Self financed.
• 500+ Patented or patent pending items.
• 13th Largest supplier in the industry and top 15 supplier for over a decade.
• 50+ Decorating machines for fast turnaround in our Los Angeles facility.
• Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise.
• Our 100% owned 400,000 square foot factory in China.
• Over 8-figure liquidity in the bank.
• Unparalleled financial position in the Premium & Promotional Products Industry!
• Complete line of innovative and exciting promotional products.
• High quality, state and federally compliant products – every item guaranteed!
• Completely vertically integrated from design, engineering, prototyping, molding, assembly, shipping and logistics.

Premium Video Books. Manufacturer of Video Books

Overseas Video Book Manufacturing Facility
Assembly Section 2


• 60+ years of experience enhanced with our $200 million global buying power.
• Sourcing offices throughout China to find any item currently being made.
• Compliance department to oversee factory audits & ensure that we only use plants with responsible quality and social compliance standards.
• Quality Control Inspectors to oversee the entire production run: during proofing, production, printing, packaging and shipping.
• Quality Assurance Specialists to ensure all products are Federally & State compliant.

Social Compliance

An integral part of our supply chain is to ensure that all products are manufactured to a higher standard than the guidelines from the Social Accountability International Organization. Sunscope’s purchasing system is based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and U.N. Human Rights Conventions and the SA8000 system; which are widely accepted as a comprehensive international ethical workplace management system.