Pharmaceutical Industry Video Books by PremiumVIDEO™

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Industry
We received the following challenge from a pharmaceutical company.  The problem was their prescription refill rates had fallen. They felt it was due to the lack of knowledge surrounding their product. The patient did not feel comfortable with the medication or did not understand the benefits of the medicine and simply did not renew. This in return caused a drastic decline in prescription renewals.

Prescription information is usually provided in a small print format.  The company expected the patient to read through the small print pamphlet and take the initiative to call into a hotline or visit the drug’s website. The result was a very low refill of monthly prescriptions.

The solution we developed was to include a video book in their kit.  The video was only 2 minutes long but it educated the patient in the benefits of the medication and made the product and prescription very easy to use.

The pharmaceutical company initially purchased 50,000 units as a test. The prescription refill rate drastically increased and the company has since reordered 3 times with a total of over 400,000 units purchased.   More reorders are in the works for several other brands.