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With a 100% quality control overseas as well as a 100% quality control domestically, we EASILY guarantee every video book!

Getting Started

Think of video books as a marketing brochure or mini book that has a thin video screen inside.

There are some very popular Video Book combinations.  But don’t worry, you’re not locked into any specific combination, design, screen size, or video length. Our most popular combination is a 5″ x 4″ book with a 4″ high definition screen inside. The most popular memory card is the 128 mb which holds a 7-9 minute video. It’s our smallest and most economical memory card as well!

This popular video book combination is printed four color process over the entire piece, video uploaded and packaged inside a bubble bag. This is most popular for these reasons.

• Easy to hand out at tradeshows
• Small enough to put inside a mailer kit
• Screen is large enough to have a great WOW factor

If the above is a good solution for you, here is how we would proceed.
1- Once we receive your purchase order, we will send you a video book template for your artwork.
2- Your client will create the video. They can easily save it as a .MP4 and send it to us via any FTP program.
3- Next, we send you a digital proof as a final production proof. You send final approval via email.
4- Now that we have your final approval we print all the units but only build 1. We send you images of the first unit for final “construction” approval. Once you approve, we complete your order and it ships to the US for our final 100% QC.
5- If you would like to see the first built sample for final approval this is not a problem, there will be additional shipping costs and additional time added to the order.

How fast is production?

We receive guidance on what the customer would like and we create a 3D rendering. This takes approximately 2 days. The entire design process typically takes a week of going back and forth with the agency tweaking the different features and options. Once the design is set we send you final template and quote.

• We receive the PO, final art, and video
• Within 1-2 days you will receive a digital PDF proof for art approval
• You approve the digital proof.

– Day 1:
We schedule to have the entire order printed.

– Day 12:
We build 1 unit, take a photo of it and send it to you digitally for final approval. You approve it same day.

– Day 18:
We have the order finished and package it to
air ship or sea ship to the states.

– Day 23:
We receive them in the states for a final QC
and ship to your final destination.

If you would like the actual sample shipped for final approval please add an additional 10 days to the timeline.

Stock Video Buttons/Controls

Auto Start
You open the book and the video automatically starts. When you close the book it automatically shuts off. If you choose to have your video book auto start you can choose no buttons or you have the option of adding a VOL up and VOL down button.

Press to Start
You open the book and press the ON/OFF to begin the video. To shut the video off you simply press the ON/Off button.
If you choose this option the ON/OFF button is required and you have the option of adding any of the buttons shown below.

You can add up to 15 different video buttons. This means you can feature 15 different product videos and each one would have it’s own button!

Stock Screen Sizes

Here are just a few! We are always expanding our tec line. Be sure to ask if you are in search of a different size.

Video book screen sizes

Stock Memory Cards

Your video can be as little as a few seconds or 4 hours long. Your customer’s video usually determines the size of the memory card.

128 MB Card: Stores 4-5 minutes of video
256 MB Card: Stores 8-10 minutes of video
512 MB Card: Stores 25 minutes of video
1 GIG Card: Stores 1 hour of video
2 GIG Card: Stores 2 hours of video
4 GIG Card: Stores 4 hours of video

Patent Pending Designs

Below are just a few of the incredible solutions we have designed. If you’re looking for a custom solution we can design it for you at no additional charge! There are no limits or restrictions to what we can manufacture.

Click to check out photos of these great styles!

  • Video Book Collection
  • custom video book
  • Custom Biofilm video book.
  • Custom agency video book
  • custom video book
Business card video book

Video Book Business Card! Same size as a business card. Holds a 2.3″ video screen.

horizontal video book design

Horizontal Video Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

Two Panel Fold Out Horizontal Book Design

Two Panel Fold Out Horizontal Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

Vertical Book Design

Vertical Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

Gate Fold Vertical Book Design

Gate Fold Vertical Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

Flip Down Cover / Easel on Back Book Design

Flip Down Cover / Easel on Back Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

Easel on Back Book Design

Easel on Back Book Design. Holds any size video screen.

A frame video book design

“A” Frame Book Design. Screen on Front / Brochure or Cord pocket on back. Holds any size video screen.