Project Description

Dekalb Miniature business card video book

Miniature business card video books are the latest “WOW” business cards on the market. Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a new client. You hand them a paper business card while your competition hands them a video book business card. First impressions are everything. Start with a WOW.

Outer Dimensions: 3.5″ x 2″ x 1/8″
Video Screen: 2.4″
Decoration: Four color process
Buttons: 0
Video : 2 minutes
Memory: 128mb

Incredible features and incomparable benefits:
The proof is in the reorders.

Video Books are the most efficient and effective way to market to your customer.
It’s the only product where the end user receives the message exactly as the advertiser intended.
You can feel confident that your client will be blown away with the solid book construction, clear sound and crisp video.

A Video Book is the medium that allows you to offer your customer the most information in an easy to understand format. Video Books allow your customer to load heavy content, video and images that are vital to their marketing message.

Upon opening the book, our hi-def video lights up the room captivating everyone within view. There is nothing else that will stop your customer, take over their environment and pitch your brand better. Not only is the sound heard clearly, so is your customer’s message.

We start with a brand new LCD or hi-def video screen. Then based on your goal, we can insert the screen into any magazine, book or special packaging. You can add up to 15 different chapter buttons which will give you the option to play many different videos. All video books come with a USB port so you can charge your video book, a memory card which will store your videos and a rechargeable battery. All components are BRAND NEW. We do not use any recycled or used parts.

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