Hotel / Restaurant Video Books by PremiumVIDEO™

Case Study: Hotels / Restaurants
A hotel chain wanted to increase their sales in renting out their new conference rooms. The goal was to show all of the features of the hotels, the great food, the impeccable staff and all the hotel has to offer their clients for their big meetings, holiday parties and events. They choose a video book to deliver the message. They mailed them to the top business around their area with a hand written note. The note invited the recipient to come in oaf r a lunch to discuss their next big holiday event. Upon arriving the recipient would receive the charging cord so they can upload a home move to the video book.

The video was captivating and exciting. The recipient arrived for lunch and the sales team closed the deal. At the end of lunch the recipient was handed the charging cord and a simple 3 step instruction sheet to upload their own video.

Back at the office they uploaded their home video to the video book and kept it on their desk. As people walked by they picked up the video book, which had the hotel branding all over it, and played the home move.