Real Estate Industry Video Books by PremiumVIDEO™

Using RE/MAX Realty as a perspective client.  The concept is to create a generic video book that could be used several times featuring different properties.  We design a video book for RE/MAX corporate. The video book is designed as an 8.5” x 11” hard cover video book. The outside of the video book is printed four color process with corporate branding. The video book has a pocket on the inside cover for printed material.  This material can highlight the salesperson’s experience, market specific information and the sales sheet for the property. Featured on the right side is the video screen with up to 15 different chapter buttons, each one features a part of the house.  An optional feature is a 360-degree touch screen which would showcase a virtual reality tour of the property and give the prospective client the feeling of being on-site, a perfect tool to peak the interest of investors and clients that need a nudge.  The agent now has a beautiful high-end way of presenting the property and neighborhood.

If you are not sure of the names of the buttons you can use generic icons or text next to the button as well.  Examples include:

  • Curb
  • Entrance
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Master Bedroom
  • Amenities
  • Architectural Features
  • Neighborhood

The realtor agent can easily swap out the videos and print materials in the video book and print out a new spec sheet to feature another property!

Additional Feature: The video screen can be a touch screen that you can touch and drag 360º videos!

Another application of the Video Book for the real estate industry is the Realtor Agent can gift it to their client as a closing gift. Imagine walking into your new home as a home owner and on the kitchen table is a hard cover video book. 7” x 5”. The outside is printed four color process with beautiful generic artwork and a small RE/MAX logo. The The realtor uses the inside pocket to include a personal note of gratitude for using her /his services.  The realtor can record a personalized video thanking the client for the opportunity to work with them and wishing them well in their new home. The video ends with the agent telling the client to plug in the video book and replace the video with a new video of their own family. The video book becomes a souvenir video album the client will leave on their coffee table for years. The family’s guests will be impressed to see the video album with the realtor’s name and number as they stop in to wish them well in their new home.