4.3″ Video Book

/4.3" Video Book

Bayer Video Book with Pages

This Bayer educational Video Book has vibrant printing with a gloss finish. The book is horizontal layout. The front cover opens to reveal a paper booklet adhered to a second cover which then opens to reveal the video screen. By incorporating both print and video, Bayer was able to fulfill their goal of maximizing their [...]

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Video Book with a Mini Liquor Bottle

This Video Book with Mini Liquor Bottle was manufactured to provide an actual product sample coupled with a video that tells the story about the character and reputation of the company. It included a diecut section that held a mini Glen Livet liquor bottle. This hard cover book really felt and looked like a real [...]

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Video Book Folder

A Traditional folder style Video Book presentation. Add an internal pocket for printed materials. Then use this to hold the marketing materials at a conference. 4.3" Video Folder Outer Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 11 1/4″ x 1/16″ to larger! Video Screen: 4.3" Decoration: Four [...]

4.3″ Screen Size Video Books are our Most Popular Size!

The most popular style of Video Books is the 4.3" screen size, 5" x 4" Video Book. This fits perfectly inside a kit and feels great to hold. Its screen is a great combination of size and price, large enough to get the wow factor [...]

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