Custom Video Boxes

The below are examples of our custom video boxes. We can create a custom video box around your materials or company product. If you send us a shirt, scarf, keychain or tumbler we can design a 3D rendering just for you at no charge. Once we have the custom video box designed we can price out your custom solution with different size video screens. This will give you a great choice of different price breaks. Reach out to us for a custom quote.  

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Wine Bottle Video Book

The video box directly below was designed around a single wine bottle. The rep took this promotional gift and hand delivered it to the client with a handshake and conversation. After leaving the customer opened up the gift and the amazing video filled the office. What a spectacular way to leave a meeting!

custom video boxes that hold wine bottles

Cetaphil Cream Video Box

The below custom video box was created around the cream and the pump.  This project had an extremely fast turnaround leaving production only 5 days to print, diecut, build and ship the order. We had no time to ship the creams to our Hong Kong office. We took the creams and cut them in half so the diecut foam would be cut perfectly and the bottles would sit securely in the video box. The final custom video box was a huge success and it was one of our favorites because it smelled so good! 

custom video boxes that hold products

Large Video Box with Custom Ribbon

The below video box is an awesome example of giving your video box a hi-end look.  Combining a matte finish with a spot varnish as well as a foil imprint and interior ribbon really puts this video box on a different level! We can design box around any of your marketing material or products! Send us your materials and request today!

custom video boxes that hold marketing materials

Great West Video Box

The below video box is not only a great story but it’s an amazing example of our craftsmanship. The story is about how we can work together and the success that results from the partnership. This project started in a Dunkin Donuts where we met the client and designed the video box around the presented flexible keyboard. Within an hour we had the 3D rendering finished. The result was not only an increase in quantity from 500 units to 1,000 but it also had an ROI of $12mm in NEW business for the customer. #BOOM! 

custom video boxes that hold promotional material

MEP Small Video Box with Diecut Foam

Featured below: Not all video boxes need to be large! Check out this small video box which was designed to hold a sound button and charging cord. Features four color process printing with a matte finish. 

custom video boxes with diecut foam